Corporate law and corporate affairs

The Law Firm provides legal assistance related to corporate affairs of commercial companies and partnerships, their governing bodies and shareholders/partners, as well services to associations and foundations, at each stage of their functioning.

We advise on the selection of an optimal type of company, also with consideration given to tax and legal aspects related to the specificity of a given industry. Our team provides advice on amendments to Memorandum or Articles of Association and on disposal or acquisition of shares in companies.

We provide support for shareholders meetings and general meetings, and participate in meetings of Management Boards and Supervisory Boards.

Our Law Firms offers also legal assistance with regard to the winding up and liquidation of commercial companies and partnerships, as well as the closing of all matters related to their business. We advise in conflict situations in a company and we conduct conciliatory and court proceedings on behalf of our Clients.

Our team offers comprehensive assistance with the selection and incorporation of all types of commercial companies and partnerships, with a special focus on tax issues and the scope of liability for obligations in the context of the intended economic purpose of the company. We analyse legal restrictions that may affect the incorporation and operation of the company, and moreover, we develop and implement an individual legal model tailored to specific needs of the Client. We advise on drafting Memorandum or Articles of Association, arrange cooperation with notaries public, draft complete documentation required to make an entry of the company in the relevant registers and records, and monitor the course of the registration procedure.

Our support includes also the establishment of special purpose vehicles (SPV) and the assistance with capital aspects of joint venture agreements to implement a specific investment model. We also help in establishing foundations and associations.

Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice within the scope of corporate services under which they support actions of corporate bodies and monitor the fulfilment of legal obligations by companies and their bodies. We support our Clients in implementing changes resulting from practical aspects of functioning of the company, including in introducing amendments to both Memorandum and Articles of Association, and we also draft internal rules of corporate bodies. Our team drafts documentation regarding the establishment of corporate governance at companies. Furthermore, we assist our Clients with the increase and reduction of the share capital, disposal, acquisition, redemption and pledging of shares, as well as with actions related to the change of composition of the company’s shareholders or partners.

We offer also comprehensive support in the handling of shareholders meetings and general meetings, as well as meetings of Supervisory Boards or Management Boards. We advise on the validity of resolutions adopted by corporate bodies and the possibility of challenging their validity before the court.

Our Law Firm renders comprehensive legal assistance in the case of occurrence of any reason for dissolving a company and liquidating it or determining any other way to conclude its operations. We offer full support for the process aimed at deleting the company from the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register. Our team of lawyers drafts complete documentation required to liquidate the company, from the commencement of its liquidation till the cessation of the company’s existence as a legal entity.

We also assist with liquidation operations conducted by liquidators, including the liquidation of the company’s assets and the conclusion of any proceedings in which the company acts as a party.

Our lawyers assist in solving issues arising in connection with the conducted restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings in the following areas:

  • analysis and optimisation of legal relations of a business entity in the context of the conducted restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • drafting of petitions in the course of the restructuring proceedings and advising on the arrangement with creditors;
  • filing of claims in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • representing entities in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • advising on the acquisition of the bankrupt’s assets.

We support our Clients in conflicts involving shareholders/partners, corporate bodies and a company itself.  Our team offers legal assistance in resolving internal disputes between shareholders/partners as well as disputes in which a former shareholder/partner is a party. We assist with the exclusion of a shareholder/partner from the company and with the process of buyout of shares held by minority shareholders. In our practice, we also handle conflicts over the violation of a non-compete clause and any behaviours threatening the interest of the company.