Piotr Liberski

Attorney at law, Managing Partner. Member of the Regional Bar Association in Wrocław. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Wrocław.

He began his professional practice in 2001 at the Municipal Office in Wrocław where till 2006 he was gaining experience in the field of local government law and municipal services, provision of services to municipal companies and organisational units as well as trade in real estate. He participated in the implementation of urban investment projects, including the construction of a water park in Wrocław. Piotr Liberski has been with Piszcz and Partners Law Firm since September 2006.

In his professional practice, he has dealt with various aspects of the public sector, in particular local government law, municipal services management and public-private partnership. He specialises in advising to municipal companies and the public sphere. He advised on big investment projects or attracting a private partner and participated in legal and business negotiations and in raising funding.

Piotr Liberski
Piotr Liberski Managing PartnerAttorney-at-law piotr.liberski@piszcz.pl Tel: +48 71 341 01 31
  • legal advisor to a local government unit in the first in Poland – and, so far, the only –conversion of a zoological garden into a commercial company;
  • legal advisor to a local government unit in the first in Poland procedure for the award of concession for the construction of an underground parking garage, with the successfully concluded contract;
  • legal advisor during the construction of a provincial hospital, based on an innovative legal and tax model allowing the recovery of VAT on capital expenditure;
  • providing day-to-day legal assistance to a municipal investment company;
  • involvement in health service investment projects;
  • providing legal services to a municipal company responsible for one of the biggest sports events in the world;
  • legal advisor to a local government unit with regard to the development and implementation of a rail transport project, as well as the preparation of procedure for the purchase of tramways.
  • participating in negotiations on acquiring an investor to a football club.