Labour law

The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in the area of labour law. Our highly qualified team of lawyers provides consultancy with regard to both individual and collective labour law. We draft documents, expert and other opinions related to labour law and we advise on the selection of optimal forms of employment for employees, including members of Management Boards of companies.

The Law Firm provides comprehensive advice on collective labour law. The services offered include in particular the drafting of documents and acts regulating the issue of collective employment relationships, i.e. work regulations, remuneration regulations, collective labour agreements and so-called social packages and social agreements, regulations of company social benefit funds, agreements and regulations regarding the so-called collective redundancies, regulations for use of the employer’s property (telephones, computers, cars, etc.).

Our lawyers has extensive experience in representing employers in negotiations and disputes with the trade unions.

The Law Firm provides legal advisory services in the area of individual labour law. We represent our Clients, acting on behalf of both employers and employees. We advise on the drafting of any documents relating to the so-called individual employment relationships, including job offers, employment contracts, agreements and notices of termination changing work or remuneration conditions, statements on the termination of the employment relationship by the employer and agreements with employees on that subject, non-compete agreements, agreements on employees’ liability for any entrusted property, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

Our lawyers draft managerial contracts tailored to the needs and expectations of the Client, and represent Clients in negotiations at the stage of concluding them.

Furthermore, we provide information concerning the need for obtaining relevant work permits for foreigners, rules for regulating their employment relationships (applicable law and the establishment of proper relations between the parties to the employment relationship), draft any required templates of documents and represent Clients before state administration bodies.

While providing legal services regarding transformations of business entities, the Law Firm advises also on employment restructuring.

We render legal assistance aimed at adjusting employment policy to current needs of the employer, while complying with the labour law requirements.

Our team offers optimal solutions with regard to employment restructuring, relating to collective redundancies or takeover of employees. We advise on the application of flexible forms of employment.

At the request of our Clients, we carry out comprehensive audits of the accuracy and completeness of employee documentation relating to the entering into, maintenance and termination of employment relationships, with special evaluation of such documentation as for its compliance with the internal labour law regulations. We also review various internal rules and regulations as for their compliance with the generally applicable provisions of labour law.

We provide legal assistance with all aspects connected with the preparation and implementation in the employee-related area of the processes of consolidation, merger, separation of subsidiaries or division of enterprises in the market.

Within the scope of ownership transformations, the Law Firm supports its Clients and advises on issues related to the transfer of employees to a new employer as a result of the transfer of work establishment under Article 231 of the Labour Code.

With regard to capital transformations of enterprises, we provide practical and comprehensive services in the area of employment relationships (training, drafting of legal expert opinions, handling of the process on an ongoing basis, in particular providing advice to the employer during negotiations regarding social packages, social agreements, collective labour agreements, etc.).

The Law Firm supports its Clients in matters resulting from accidents at work. Our advisory services include the analysis of the completeness and accuracy of the documentation regarding any accident at work and provision of support to the employer in any actions connected with the consequences of accidents at work, including negotiations and disputes with employees about compensation and redress for such accident at work. We have also experience in representing employers and senior employees in pre-trial proceedings carried out by the Police or the Prosecutor’s Office, and in court proceedings regarding their criminal liability for potential Occupational Health and Safety omissions in connection with the accident.

Our tax specialists and advisors provide advice on any tax aspects and other statutory charges related to employment.

We represent our Clients in pre-trial conciliatory proceedings and in proceedings before common courts of all instances (including the Supreme Court), and in out-of-court disputes arising in connection with the provisions of labour law, where we act on behalf of both employers and employees.