Tax advisory

As for tax advisory, we provide our Clients with comprehensive legal and tax services allowing them, on the one hand, to eliminate any risks associated with tax burdens and, on the other hand, to select the optimal form of their business.

As regards day-to-day tax advisory services, we provide our Clients with comprehensive support in legal and tax aspects of their business. We give special consideration to the specific nature of our Clients’ businesses in order to determine their tax obligations in an optimum and safe way. As a result, on a regular basis we determine tax consequences of any occurring economic events, concluded contracts and planned actions.

Our Law Firm supports its Clients during tax inspections, fiscal controls and in the course of any tax proceedings. In such proceedings, we act as attorneys of our Clients and draft any relevant replies, explanations, objections and appeals at individual stages of the proceedings. Our team offers support during questioning of the party and witnesses. We draft complaints to administrative courts and represent our Clients in court proceedings.

Our tax advisory services include comprehensive analyses of tax settlements in order to verify the accuracy of such settlements and to identify and minimise potential tax risks. Depending on individual preferences, the audit may cover all the Client’s tax settlements or a selected range only. Each audit results in a report containing – apart from the assessment of the issues under analysis – our recommendations as to how to proceed.

To ensure maximum tax safety and minimise the risk related to a specific event, we provide our Clients with professional assistance in drafting a request for the issuance of an individual interpretation of tax law provisions. We monitor the process of the interpretation issuance and reply to any questions posed in the course of this process, and if the authority’s position is unfavourable, we represent Clients in proceedings before the administrative court, at all stages of such proceedings.

Our specialists develop transfer pricing documentation in order to eliminate tax risk related to the questioning of transaction prices used between affiliated entities.

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We support our Clients in selecting forms of business optimal tax-wise. Based on the business strategy, we analyse with the Client any actions planned by them, to eliminate potential risks and implement the most tax-optimal structure.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive support in developing solutions regarding business reorganisation that are optimum to a given economic operator. Together with the Commercial Law Department, we prepare a detailed schedule of all the actions related to the process of company merger or division, and supervise the tax aspect of the whole process.

We have practical experience in servicing special branches of agricultural production, both with regard to issues concerning settlements of this specific form of business and to relations with tax offices within that scope.

The Law Firm works for entities providing public transport services. We assist our Clients in making a tax settlement of compensation, in particular in making a proper classification of tax deductible costs.