Our Law Firm offers professional legal assistance in representing Clients (both entrepreneurs and natural persons) in litigation. We provide representation in civil or commercial proceedings and in non-litigious proceedings: family, inheritance, land and mortgage register and other proceedings. We act on behalf of our Clients before common courts and the Supreme Court, as well as conciliation, arbitration courts and other mediation bodies.

Being one of only two Polish law firm members of the international Legal Netlink Alliance network, we are able to provide legal assistance in court and enforcement proceedings outside Poland.

Based on the experience gathered in the course of numerous court proceedings, we thoroughly analyse the facts of each case. With the Client’s interest in mind, we verify the grounds for initiating proceedings, taking both the expected results and costs related to such proceedings into consideration. We develop an optimal trial strategy while using specific legal remedies.

We offer legal assistance in respect of all stages of the recovery procedure. Our team drafts pre‑trial requests for payment, helps in negotiations with debtors, draws up agreements and settlements, and supervises their implementation. We provide our Clients with full representation in court proceedings and we conduct also enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims.

Our Law Firm represents both employees and employers in disputes resulting from the employment relationship. We provide legal representation in proceedings for the payment of remuneration, compensation and redress for accidents at work, mobbing, proceedings regarding the proper termination of employment contracts and other claims under the employment relationship.

We support Clients in proceedings resulting from conflicts between shareholders/partners of a commercial company, its bodies and the company itself. Our team offers legal assistance in resolving both internal disputes in the company as well as disputes to which a former shareholder/partner is a party. We assist with the exclusion of a shareholder/partner from the company, with the process of buyout of shares held by minority shareholders and with disputes over the violation of a non-compete clause.

Our lawyers represent Clients in real estate litigation. It refers to proceedings related to the investment process and disputes over contracting, sub-contracting, investments carried out by a project management company or a general contractor. The Law Firms supports also architectural studios in proper protection of copyright. We advise our Clients on disputes resulting from contracts for sale of real properties, lease and tenancy agreements, in proceedings related to the annulment of joint ownership of real properties or compensation for non‑contractual use of real properties.

We offer legal representation with regard to the enforcement of claims resulting from traffic accidents, medical malpractice, losses occurring in transport and agriculture, accidents caused by a hazardous product or claims resulting from slander or libel. Our Law Firm provides representation in proceedings for compensation and redress for damages caused to any legally protected rights and interests. We monitor the enforcement of judgements given in the aforementioned cases, also with regard to the performance by those violating personal interests of any actions required to remove the consequences of such violations, the submission by them of any relevant statements and the fulfilment of any other obligations.

Our lawyers offer legal assistance to Clients with the filing of petitions to open a restructuring proceedings or to declare bankruptcy and with representation in such proceedings. We support Clients in drafting proposals for an arrangement, determining the rules for their implementation and financing. Our team provides representation in proceedings, including the participation in Meetings of Creditors, Committee of Creditors and other bodies. We represent Clients in proceedings regarding personal bankruptcy and we advise on both restructuring and optimisation processes.

Our services include also assistance in administrative proceedings before state and local government administration bodies. We represent Clients before the National Chamber of Appeal at the President of the Public Procurement Office and before other public authorities, including the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, President of the Office of Electronic Communications, President of the Office of Railway Transport or Provincial Inspectorates of Road Transport. We offer legal representation in proceedings before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.