Fleet management requires from a fleet manager not only technical expertise but also compliance with legal regulations. Our Law Firm supports Clients in planning and implementing a relevant fleet policy applicable to fleet purchase and its day-to-day use. We identify optimum legal and tax solutions, represent clients in litigation and during tax audits. Our lawyers support clients also in negotiations with oil companies and verify whether a given company is subject to a mandatory licence to trade in fuels.

At all stages of actions undertaken, we give consideration not only to detailed regulations governing the fleet sector but also to the specific situation of a given company. While implementing projects, we use expertise of an interdisciplinary team of specialists who have experience in providing services to entities engaged in various transport business segments and fleet management.

Our Law Firm supports Clients in developing a corporate fleet policy, starting from the choice of an optimum form of purchase of the company fleet. We assist in developing legal framework for the use of company cars by employees in order to precisely define rights and obligations of all the parties involved.

Our lawyers support Clients in negotiations with oil companies, ensuring that the concluded contracts are as safe and advantageous as possible. In particular, we strive to minimise the risk of the right to deduct VAT on the purchase of fuel paid with such a card being challenged by the tax authority. Additionally, we verify whether the company needs to obtain in specific cases a licence to trade in fuels and, where necessary, we assist in obtaining it.

As part of our day-to-day advisory service, we assist in developing regulations governing the use of company cars, including also the use of such cars for private purposes. We review the existing documents as for their compliance with the current legal and tax regulations.

Costs related to the excessive wear and tear often constitute a substantial part of fleet management costs. In order to optimise these costs, it’s essential to define clear and simple rules concerning the allocation of liability for certain types of damage. As part of our practice, we support our Clients in this process.

Anna Szkudlarek


Tax Advisor

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