New technologies

Today, technological progress affects virtually all areas of life. New technologies are not only a matter of copyright or organisation of crowdfunding campaigns. We provide our Clients with a whole range of services aligned to the ever-changing market needs. Our Law Firm provides advice to companies developing or delivering software (turnkey solutions or under SaaS or IaaS models), start-ups and companies operating in various sectors and implementing IT or OT solutions.

We specialise in supporting business operators in implementing innovative solutions by setting up the legal structures necessary for conducting R&D activities and commercialisation of new products. Our experience includes also the implementation of projects related to various aspects of data security. We advise entities operating as a part of the national cybersecurity system. We draft and review regulations for the provision of electronic services, clauses required by law while conducting activities via the Internet or dedicated applications, in particular marketing and e‑commerce activities. We can help draft NDAs and other agreements related to the development of software and applications, such as implementation, maintenance and development agreements.

We advise on formal and legal matters related to the implementation and functioning of information security management systems. Our team provides advice to entities operating as a part of the national cybersecurity system, in particular including key service operators and public entities, on procedures and documentation regarding cybersecurity of the services provided by them. We carry out audits verifying the level of alignment with legal requirements and draft the relevant compliance documentation.

We provide a comprehensive advice on personal data protection. Go to “Personal data protection”.

We advise on matters related to requirements for charging stations and energy storage, both in terms of project implementation and connection of equipment and installations to the power grid. Our team drafts regulations for the provision of charging services and review contracts required for the functioning of equipment and installations related to the generation, storage and feeding in of electricity into the grid. We support local government bodies and distributors in fulfilment of their formal and legal obligations under the Act on Electromobility and the Act on Renewable Energy Sources.

Our lawyers review documents relating to production and sales of electromobility related products, including in terms of compliance with the requirements for their certification, labelling and accompanying documents. We provide advice on the management of waste arising from such products, including packaging waste, batteries, WEEE.

Our Law Firm develops concepts regarding formal and legal aspects of innovative project implementation, including both business and product projects. We assist in the selection of the optimal form of conducting business or obtaining financing. We advise providers of IoT products based on blockchain technology, using cloud computing or other innovative solutions, at the stage of both R&D and commercialisation. We identify requirements for marketing of such products and necessary documentation, including their certification and labelling.