Monika Bogdał

Counsellor at Law. Member of the Regional Chamber of Counsellors at Law in Poznań. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Faculty of Economics of the Poznań University of Economics. She completed a course in management of modern technologies at the Jyvaskyla University of Applied Sciences in Finland and a PhD programme at the Poznań University of Economics. For over 7 years she has been providing advice to business entities. Since 2013 she has been supporting entrepreneurs in legal aspects of their businesses.

Her main area of practice in the Law Firm includes various issues related to the energy sector. She provides services to trading companies and distributors of electricity, heat and gas (mainly distribution system operators – OSDn and OSDW), including in matters related to the legislative process; drafts and reviews energy contracts; advises on issues related to renewable energy; supports Clients, including entities in the public sector, in matters related to energy efficiency; reviews issues regarding tax incentives and exemptions for energy-intensive industries; represents Clients before market surveillance authorities, President of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) and courts.

She is responsible for the implementation of projects and execution of orders related to various aspects of production processes, including environmental protection (such as waste management, classification of production residues, emissions of substances into the environment), marketing of construction, electric and electronic as well as cosmetic products (including obligations under REACH, CLP and CPR as well as national laws implementing the EMC and LVD Directives).
Monika Bogdał conducts training sessions and gives lectures on practical aspects of operations of the energy, construction as well as water and sewage industries. She is an author of a number of scientific publications and articles in the specialist press.

Monika Bogdał
Monika Bogdał Counsellor monika.bogdal@piszcz.pl Tel: +48 503 185 408 Laguages: english
  • drafting and reviewing of sales and distribution contracts, comprehensive contracts for the supply of electricity, heat and gaseous fuel, including cross-border purchase of gaseous fuel under contracts based on the EFET format;
  • reviewing of rules for proper suspension and resumption of supply of energy and gaseous fuels;
  • drafting of Instructions of the Transmission System Operation and Maintenance;
  • participating in the drafting of documentation related to tariff proceedings and obtaining concessions;
  • providing support in organising and functioning of activities related to RES installations and settlement of “colour” obligations;
  • giving legal and tax opinions on the systems implemented by Clients for invoicing consumers of electricity and gaseous fuels and on the possibility of benefiting by them from exemptions from excise duty;
  • representing Clients in proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE) and the Competition and Consumer Protection Court, e.g. in matters involving sanctions for the violation of rules for conducting licensed activities;
  • supporting Clients in the preparations for launching new construction, electric and electronic as well as cosmetic products, in terms of their proper labelling and drafting of required accompanying documentation – including products manufactured outside EU and for DIY networks to be sold under own label;
  • providing support to Clients during control proceedings conducted by Provincial Construction Supervision Inspectors and provincial inspectors of the Trade Inspectorate;
  • drafting and reviewing of agreements for collection and disposal of waste from industrial plants, dealing with legal aspects of waste disposal at subcontractors and establishing guidelines with respect to the rules for international waste transport;
  • providing support to Clients in the reclassification of waste into by-products and in the fulfilment by them of obligations under the REACH Regulation.