Our Law Firm offers legal advice in day-to-day business operations of public and private banks, crediting processes and provision of securities.

We provide legal advice in day-to-day operations of the banking sector. We draft and review contracts regarding services offered by banks, including online banking services.

Our services dedicated to the banking sector include recovery of receivables in pre-court, court and enforcement proceedings as well as during bankruptcy proceedings. We provide clients of banks with advice on financing and refinancing of investment and acquisition projects, from the stage of agreeing the term sheet, through advice on preparing credit documentation, negotiations, assistance in identifying and obtaining any required corporate approvals and, if necessary, permits and approvals of administrative authorities, to the stage of transaction closing and provision of any agreed security.

We review, negotiate and implement transactions and financial policy instruments as well as instruments for managing and shaping the capital structure of companies, including cash pooling and factoring (also reverse factoring) structures, and financing of company operations by partners or introducing investors to companies, along with tax optimisation for both new and existing partners. We represent public and private entities in negotiations with EU financial institutions with regard to the entering into international financial agreements under which funds are allocated to the implementation of investment programs.