Public collective transport – draft amendments

August 28, 2017

Piotr Szwechłowicz, counsellor at law of our Law Firm, commented on the latest amendments to the Act on Public Collective Transport. The film presents the most important issues and potential risks resulting from the proposed amendment to the Act.

In his speech, our counsellor at law draws attention to controversial provisions that may result in a reduction in the number of transport companies so far operating on the local market. He also points to the risk of emergence of local monopolies which will considerably hinder the market entry of other players. As a result, the changes may prove to be less socially beneficial than assumed.

In the film, the attention is also drawn to ambitious assumptions of the authors of the proposed legal changes. However, it is indicated that, in fact, the introduction of those changes may not contribute to improving the quality of the services provided and there will be still places on the map with resident not being able to count on public transport.