Wojciech Wołoszczak

Attorney at law, Deputy Head of the Litigation Team. Member of the Regional Bar Association in Poznań. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

He began his regular professional practice in 2006 in the Legal Office of Tomasz Działyński, counsellor at law. In 2007-2010 he cooperated with Działyńska and Partners Law Firm, and next, till 2012, with Grynhoff, Woźny i Wspólnicy sp.k Law Firm. He has been with Piszcz and Partners Law Firm since 2012.

In his professional career, he has provided day-to-day legal services to business entities in the field of civil and individual labour law. He participated in the drafting of analyses on due diligence of companies involved in the acquisition and reorganisation of business entities, drafted legal and expert opinions and also drafted and reviewed contracts and agreements. He has extensive experience in conducting litigation in various fields of law and proceedings to secure claims.

Wojciech Woloszczak
Wojciech Wołoszczak Attorney-at-law wojciech.woloszczak@piszcz.pl Tel: +48 61 859 44 44 Laguages: english
  • legal advising on the development of trial strategies and litigation;
  • representing transport companies with regard to disputes with drivers over daily allowances and daily accommodation allowances;
  • conducting proceedings on behalf of creditors to counteract the effects of the disposal of assets by debtors;
  • advising to entrepreneurs with regard to the drafting and reviewing of agreements, including agency agreements in the energy and trade sectors;
  • experience in the drafting of analyses on due diligence of companies;
  • advising on the processes of restructuring and bankruptcy of business entities.