Anna Szkudlarek

Tax Advisor, Attorney at law. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Łódź and post-graduate course in commercial law (Academy of Companies) at the Warsaw School of Economics.

She began her professional practice working for tax inspection departments of tax authorities. Next, she gained professional experience in tax advisory firms: ISP Modzelewski i Wspólnicy, ECDDP sp. z o.o and Rӧdl&Partner.

Anna Szkudlarek has been with Piszcz and Partners Law Firm since October 2014.

At the Law Firm, she provides business entities with comprehensive services related to tax law, including tax consultations, drafting of legal and tax opinions, conducting of tax audits and drafting of transfer pricing documentation.

In her professional practice, on a number of occasions she has represented Clients during tax inspections and in tax and fiscal proceedings. She has also experience in conducting proceedings before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Anna Szkudlarek
Anna Szkudlarek Attorney-at-lawTax AdvisorOf counsel anna.szkudlarek@piszcz.pl Tel: +48 61 859 44 44 Laguages: english
  • tax advisor in transactions relating to the division or partial division of companies (determination of tax consequences of the implemented divisions and separation of an organised part of business, supervision and coordination of tax aspects of the transaction);
  • comprehensive support for the Client in the implementation of new solutions to obtain tax-wise most efficient and optimal effect (participation in negotiations regarding the preparation and implementation of a given transaction, determination of works schedule, support in implementation of a planned solution, contacts with tax authorities);
  • extensive practical experience in representing Clients during tax inspections and proceedings (active participation in conducted proceedings, assistance during hearings, drafting of pleadings in the course of proceedings, filing of objections to inspection reports and appeals against decisions of authorities);
  • assistance with real estate transactions, in particular determination of tax consequences of any sale or in-kind contribution in the form of real properties;
  • author of tax and legal publications and speaker at training sessions and conferences organised within that scope.